Monday, March 9, 2009

The Void Stares Back With Many Eyes

I think a spirit of my blood laments
The sin which down below there costs so much.
--Dante, "Inferno"

Last night I had a very vivid and terrifying dream-- an unexpected vision of hell, the sort I've never before imagined, even more remarkable considering I don't believe in Hell as a firmament or external territory of any sort.

However, I got the loud and clear message last night that such a Hell believes in ME.

I dreamed all sorts of Lovecraftian monsters from another dimension were surrounding me, ready to devour my flesh, and that, somehow, I had attracted them by my latest sinful activities. Even now I shudder when I recall the menacing creatures' ochre flesh, ripe as a succulent plant with mordant parasites ready to burst forth like maggots from a sun-swelled animal corpse...

Maybe stripping is a much more evil and destructive endeavor than I imagined-- I breezily thought I could have fun with it without tapping this chaotic, malevolent energy, that now seems to be flowing from me inwardly as well as bearing down on me from outward entities, if my subconscious is to be believed.

It appears that staring into the void with curiosity and, possibly a bit of haughtiness, has revealed to me a terrifying truth:

Not only does the void stare back, but it has many eyes.

PS I only believe in Nietzche once a year or so. I guess it's about that time...