Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More Plastic Surgery

I'm seriously considering undergoing more plastic surgery. Last autumn I got a nose job, which turned out really well, but my plastic surgeon wouldn't even consider giving me a chin implant or doing my upper eyelids, which, to be frank, I still really, really want. He said those procedures are totally unnecessary for me (his boss actually called me crazy), that the scar from the implant would be very hard to hide, etc. but I *like* scars! And it would only be under my chin, anyway. Who notices that sort of thing, or cares, anyway? I could always lie and say I got it from a brutal pirate knife fight or saving a child from being run over by a semi truck. Or just tell the truth...

I'm completely fascinated with the idea that, to be more beautiful, I must be cut up, have my bones broken with a mallet, my skin stitched with needles etc. I mean, the process of cosmetic overhaul is no different than any other sort of renovation. Half my house is busted up and being re-done, does the ugliness of the process mean the renovation should be avoided? I don't think so!!!! My living room looks pretty crazy right now because I'm painting everything, but the idea that I have to tolerate a little bit of inconvenience for a whole lot of benefit makes it an entirely tolerable process... much like plastic surgery.

Note: I think bruises are hot, too.

Sometimes my surgeon IM's me to say hello (never anything inappropriate), and it's always a treat to pick his brain. We get along remarkably well and have interesting conversations about his time spent doing reconstructive surgeries, his main passion. I find it very admirable-- a young surgeon correcting the cruel ravages of outrageous fortune and restoring normalcy to accident victims, children with harelips, all those sort of things. Last Friday night he told me a particularly inspiring tale about a breast cancer survivor upon whom he'd recently operated, and I wondered what it would be like to be able to tell the truth about my occupation and actually garner praise instead of infamy. Maybe someday...

I could anonymously send him some of the fetish magazines I've been in, with "Thanks for the new nose, Dr. L!" scrawled across the front or something.


It's a funny thing, when even your plastic surgeon says you don't need more plastic surgery, yet the vision you have of yourself override his objections with ease. It's just that I have a very clear vision of the way I want to look, and what I see in the mirror doesn't match just yet, no matter what anybody says.

Guess I'd better get a second opinion-- boy is he going to be mad at me for not listening to him!!! He's a jovial but very dominant personality, and I sense that he would be very unhappy if I so flagrantly flouted his advice. What's he gonna do about it, though? Hate me? Spank me? I sorta wish, too bad he's my doctor and married, ah well!

PS I have to wait till Venus retrograde is over to get anything done-- April 17th, to be precise. One doesn't want to go under the knife when the planet of love, Beauty and sensuality is sleeping. I didn't write astrology for two years for nothing.