Friday, March 6, 2009

Good Songs That Get Me Naked

Alright, so I've been a stripper for two weeks now, and I have to say the music is becoming pretty intolerable. I had a serious dj career in Chicago for years (about to start up again when my gay sugar-pop dance EP is finished) and bad trance remixes and generic reggaeton make me itch and convulse inwardly when I know how much fabulous hip hop and dirty disco is out there.

I'm going to have to start bringing my own selections to the dj-- I'll just use the songs that keep me motivated to jog/walk on my treadmill every day. For 100 minutes.

Anyway, I'm really feeling "Bounce" by Mstrkrft. Sorry, I have no idea how to embed video yet, so here's the YouTube link:

It's awesome to see them blowing up after a few years on the circuit... I remember seeing them play at a deliciously sleazy warehouse party @ the Winter Music Conference in Miami awhile back when they first got together (they were unknowns wearing masks, so at first it was kind of like, "Are these guys secretly Daft Punk or what?".) and they really threw down.

Ah, sweet memories of South Beach.

This song makes me wanna tear my clothes off at home (not that I wear much more that a bra and panties when I jog, unless it's cold), so I'm pretty sure it'll be a good one for work, too.

PS So this is, hopefully, gonna be the raunchiest thing I say on here for awhile, but their video for "Easy Love" is worth checking out, too if, like me, you enjoy seeing beautiful, smiling women having their faces and busts drenched with sticky, vicous fluids. Makes me want to reline in a danish modern chair or get down on my knees and get absolutely slathered with-- strawberry milkshakes (soy ones, now, I'm vegan...).