Sunday, April 5, 2009

Revelation/Yes, Yes Oh Yes

Today was so heavenly, which makes sense since Holy Week is here and my thoughts naturally gravitate toward the Divine.

The metaphysical aspects of Christ's sacred doctrine sometimes emerge in a new light for me around the holidays, and the excitement attending the countdown to Easter, which makes me literally beam with joy, seemed to function as a catalyst for profound spiritual discovery today.

Now that I have discovered the total freedom of subjective reality, "Treat Thy Neighbor AS Thyself" seems to make so much more sense to me, metaphysically as well as on a brass-tacks, practical level (two modalities which are not mutually exclusive, of course, since levels of any sort do not ultimately exist, and are merely transitory perceptions).

I decided to entirely surrender to the concept of subjective reality, to the belief I belong to the singular, Absolute field of consciousness and that no person is truly separate from me.

It was an entirely revelatory experience.

I simply BELIEVED everyone was friendly to my cause, and that no conflicts would arise, that peace would surround us all. And it happened.

At the grocery store, everyone seemed beautiful.

I smiled and everyone smiled back, constantly.

I cleaned up the back yard and everything was perfect.

I am totally happy.

I wonder if things will be any different at the strip club next week? I just bet...

PS I've finally realized why saying, "No" always feels so wrong to me. If every sentient being and material thing/circumstance/occurrence is aligned with my purest dominant belief, the only reason a negative objection could possibly be raised is if I am operating on the level of ego, thereby manifesting separation from the harmonious whole. I get it now...

PS 2 Ten minutes later, and my bliss is already gone! I'm all flushed from working really hard outside today... my cold has disappeared and I feel absolutely rampant with vitality. Spring fever, in combination with my new-found dedication to all that is positive has inspired all sorts of heart-pounding, "Yes, yes oh yes!" scenarios to flash through my brain. My body feels so alive, I'm experiencing one of the rare moments in which my abstinence seems slightly oppressive. Indeed, just now I feel like a citizen of Pompeii--flash-fried in a dynamic, desperate pose and buried under massive heaps of volcanic ash:

Abstinence sows sand all over
The ruddy limbs & flaming hair,
But desire gratified
Plants fruits of life & beauty there.
-- William Blake

I shall calm myself by looking meditatively at a reminder of the beauty of my beliefs, "An Allegory of Chastity" by Giorgione:

Sigh, it's not working.