Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nite Jewel

So I chose to review multidisciplinary Los Angeles artist Nite Jewel's debut LP "Good Evening" for the upcoming issue of BUST Magazine (June/July). I've been listening to it steadily for a couple of weeks now, and have found it to be the perfect soundtrack for candlelight seduction, baking cookies and drawing in my studio, respectively.

I highly recommend checking out her hypnotic single, "What Did He Say" as an intro.

The video for "Artificial Intelligence" is all sunglasses, palm trees and tongue-in-cheek celebrity ennui-- definitely worth a look-see if you want to see Nite Jewel at her adorable best:

Most of the tracks on "Good Evening" are like sonic frostbite; they evince a deep, slow burn which only becomes obvious later. Much later. Like 3:30 am in a downtown LA loft with 50 cool kids who venerate Giorgio Moroder's "E-MC2" as much as you do, or maybe poolside on the rooftop of the Standard Hotel.

I can't lie, this album makes me want to move back to LA.

PS I wish I could strip to this music, but it's not mainstream enough for Tribeca traders, sigh.